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The company has a unique combination of the profession of restorator and artist!
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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Art Decor

17-11-2019 - Klaas Koopmans - restoration and framing
Restoration of 2 works of Klaas Koopmans incl. framing, for a relation.

15-11-2019 - Schildervak.nl tips My modern Muse for voting Rembrandt Leeft
Schildersvak.nl tips to vote for My modern Muse, a painting of Gabriëlle Westra, which is nominated for Rembrandt Leeft.

12-10-2019 - FRESCO BOAZUM in Leeuwarder Courant
Four pages news in Sneon&Snein of the Leeuwarder Courant. It's about the restoration of a unique fresco in the church of Boazum.

06-10-2019 - Restoration FRESCO church in Boazum
The restoration of the beardless Christ, the so called Majestas Domini. Algera and Caterina Manisco from Italy examen how to do this the best.

29-06-2019 - Organ Longerhouw restored
The organ of the church in Longerhouw has been restored into the original colours.