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Welcome at Art Decor / Randolph Algera

The company has a unique combination of the profession of restorator and artist!
Have a look and be surprised!

Heerenveen Netherlands - News Art Decor

10-04-2020 - Painters in time of covid 19
A vlog about the life of painters during the lockdown due to covid 19. Also a virtual tour through Galerie Autrevue.

09-03-2020 - Great Church Hindeloopen in the Painterspaper 3/2020
In article in the Painters Paper 3/2020 about the work of restorer/artist Algera. After a thorough research he designed a new colourplan for the church.

13-02-2020 - Article in Smelne's Erfskip Magazine
An article of 6 pages in the cultural historical magazine of Smallingerland, by Randolph Algera.
photo's Jaap van der Wal en Randolph Algera.

13-02-2020 - Restauration is a skilled labour!
RESTAURATION of a precious and expensive painting is work for a highly skilled craftsman.

29-01-2020 - Great Church in Hindeloopen
A new colourplan for the Great Church in Hindeloopen, with gold plating.