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The company has a unique combination of the profession of restorator and artist!
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27-11-2019 - Exhibition WARM WINTER till March 2020
2019 December 1st(14-18 h.) opening exhibition Warm Winter in Galerie Autrevue. -

#opening EXHIBITION WARM WINTER 2019 December 1st at 14 h. Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen Galerie Autrevue is in winterly style by installation art. You can experience the paintings reflecting on the theme: the changing climate.

17-11-2019 - Klaas Koopmans - restoration and framing
Restoration of 2 works of Klaas Koopmans incl. framing, for a relation.

15-11-2019 - Schildervak.nl tips My modern Muse for voting Rembrandt Leeft
Schildersvak.nl tips to vote for My modern Muse, a painting of Gabriëlle Westra, which is nominated for Rembrandt Leeft.

12-10-2019 - FRESCO BOAZUM in Leeuwarder Courant
Four pages news in Sneon&Snein of the Leeuwarder Courant. It's about the restoration of a unique fresco in the church of Boazum.

06-10-2019 - Restoration FRESCO church in Boazum
The restoration of the beardless Christ, the so called Majestas Domini. Algera and Caterina Manisco from Italy examen how to do this the best.