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OENTSJERK Ep. 4 Impressive large moarning sign

Restoration and conservation is work for an expert, as one can see in Oentsjerk on the very large moarning sign of Hiemstra. Algera is telling about it.

Restoration and conservation is especially work for an expert, as with the moarning sign of the Hiemstra's in Oentsjerk.


The moarning sign of Feije van Hiemstra in the Maria Church in Oentsjerk may well be the largest of Friesland. He is the son of Schelto van Hiemstra and Catherina van Scheltinga and a high ranked officer in the army of the prince of Orange-Nassau from 1730.

The restored work of art from the 18th century, more than 3 m. high, is one of the most impressive moarning signs of Friesland. On the board is written that Feijo got injured twice in the war against the French. He was born in 1694 and died in 1748. Little more do we know about this Hiemstra on this extraordinary sign.




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