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Restauration OF PAINTINGS

RESTAURATION OF PAINTINGS is a skilled labour!yOUR precious and expensive painting is work for a highly skilled craftsman.

Sometimes companies call themselves restorers, without having the proper education!  Restauration is a highly skilled labour. A wrong diagnose and execution can be desastrous. Art-Decor is the right address for restauration. Algera has attended a solid and reliable education for this skills, yet the bills are moderate. His company has more than 26 years of experience. Algera attends on regular bases academic courses to remain up-to-date, learning the newests techniques and perceptions. Randolph Algera is ànd Master Craftsman ànd Master of Arts, ànd he owns a gallery. Your paintings and restorationworks deserve his quality.
Phone with Randolph Algera: +31 (6) 53378851 or e-mail to info@autrevue.nl to ask for a proposition.


Restoring paintings
You don't just restore a painting. First we look at the state of the work and sometimes we consult with other restorers about the best approach.If it is clear to us what needs to be done and how much time it will take, we will proceed with a quotation. Then it is up to the customer to decide whether we can proceed with the restoratio.


Cleaning the painting
Paintings can be cleaned and provided with new varnish. Paintings are often very dirty from nicotine or smoke from a fireplace. Once this work is done, you often see a big difference. The next step in restoring the painting is to remove the varnish. The varnish is sometimes very yellowed. Once it is finished, a clear blue sky will come out from underneath. Very beautiful to see.


New canvas
We can cover a painting that is in very bad condition or has a crack. Then a new canvas is placed behind so the painting gets solid again. We can retouch any missing spots or damage. Retouching is done on a retouch layer so that updated spots can be removed later if new insights or problems arise with the painting.










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