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Welcome at ART-DECOR and Randolph Algera

Art-Decor (1994) - for conservation and restoration
Restorer Algera - nearly 30 years of experience as restorer &
Randolph Algera - Masterdegree Classical Academy of Painting

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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Art Decor

19-01-2022 - Stiens Notary House
A large report completed for the color research in this property. A serious amount of work.

10-12-2021 - St.-Joseph cathedral Groningen
Activities visualized we do in the cathedral.

30-11-2021 - St.-Joseph cathedral Groningen
Restoration work on the Saint Joseph's Cathedral in Groningen. The name of Art-Decor is clearly stated on a large banner.

08-09-2021 - Art-Decor is working on a very large mourning sign from Augsbuurt
In the Dutch Reformed Church of Augsbuurt( 1782) are very large mourning signs. They are restored/conserved by Art-Decor.

07-09-2021 - Work completed in St. Joseph's Cathedral.
The interior of the cathedral in Groningen has been under scaffolding for a while, but now everything is beautiful again.
Art- Decor has done a great job.