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Art-Decor (1994) - for conservation and restoration
Restorer Algera - nearly 30 years of experience as restorer &
Randolph Algera - Masterdegree Classical Academy of Painting

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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Art Decor

auto_vol_gezandstraald sierglas.jpg
14-04-2023 - Sandblasted windows
Sandblasted ornamental glass collected from Zeeland.

30-03-2023 - Fireplace in Royal Chamber Statenzaal Zwolle
Art-Decor Randolph Algera retouches the fireplace in the royal chamber of the Statenzaal Zwolle. Before he did the ceiling.
Very beautiful, but labour-intensive work.

29-03-2023 - Work in progress Statenzaal Zwolle
Added dozens of m² of decoration work again this week. Started in October 2022, the amount of work is for a year, but we only have 7 months, so the workload is high. It is a beautiful, but extremely labour-intensive project.

29-03-2023 - In Eisma's Piantersmagazine March 2023
An interesting article, written by Broer Feenstra, appeared in the Eisma's Schildersblad, 3 pages about the Statenzaal Zwolle and the work that Randolph Algera is doing with his team.

01-03-2023 - Statenzaal Zwolle
We restore the stars in the sky...