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About Art-Decor

Randolph Algera is working as a restorator since 1991 and since 1994 he has his own company: ART DECOR.

Restoration/Conservation/Research for Historical Interiors and restoration of paintings

Art: (New) Design, Colors and Paintings

The company has a unique combination of the profession of restorator and artist and forms a good balance between those.
We accentuate the new styles, 19th and 20th century, but often we come across older styles. These are mainly (preventive) conservation and restoration of decorative finishes and murals or paintings on ceilings. We also do research work and documentation.

The company represents different disciplines and has a lot of accepted memberships such as RN (Restorators the Netherlands), ARA (Art Restorers Association) and RVN (Restorers North of the Netherlands).
Randolph completed his Master Study (2015) Painting on the Classical Academy of Art in Groningen(NL).

Over the years Art-Decor has won more prizes and nominations. In 2013 they won the National Painting Prize of the Netherlands and also the first prize in the category restoration and decoration with a total concept project: Art Nouveau villa RamsWoerthe in Steenwijk (NL). The jury was greatly impressed.
In addition Art-Decor is working with a team of handycraft and creative specialists, with an open minded vision and a lot of experience.



Art-Decor is specialized in Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau and Neo-Gotic, but they also restore older styles. In the previous years many projects in the Netherlands have been restored. The whole project, from preliminary analysis to the last decoration, is implemented under own supervision. After making an inventory of the components, a study into the original colours can take place. The results of the research are written in a report including a restoration recommendation. As a result of this report and the chosen style, the old mural paintings or decorations will be taken out as much as possible and then they will be conserved. Afterwards, missing parts are completed. Even a complete reconstruction can be made. Every restoration has its own treatment because every situation is unique. They work with both valid and more modern material on the basis of reversibel techniques and products. Techniques such as wood- and marble imitations, making and placing stencils, patina work, placing borders and precious metals, such as booklet gold [goldleaves], bronze, platinum, etc. are carried out at a high-quality level. Our work is according to traditional methods and quality is provided.

Some of our restoration projects are: the Jugendstil villa Rams Woerthe (Overijssel), belongs to the top 100 of most important monuments of the Netherlands, the town hall of Leeuwarden (booklet gold, marble imitation), the country goods Batinghe 1692 (Drenthe) and the Klinze 1655 (Friesland), the Jugendstil and "Newspaper of the North"(Groningen) and the well-known Jaffahouse (Utrecht). 




In regard of decoration, Art-Decor occupies itself especially with creating an environment of originality for both interieurs and exterieurs. A client is informed by means of photograph presentations for ideas of several possibilities. Then in an exploratory conversation a directive is taken, considering the wishes of the client. In most cases the client leaves the design and colour definition to the artist.

Decorations can imply for instance: murals, trompe-l'oeil, but also mural decorations and techniques, wood- and marble imitations, stencil techniques whether or not built from several layers grisailles, arabesques etc. We are always looking for an unique application with a totally exclusive character for each customer.
The murals are nearly always devised from scratch. While painting each time more lines come and a new world arises, in which the client can give its own perception. During the painting he also can discuss ideas.

Beside private clients you can find the work of Art-Decor also at business clients. Think, for example, of horeca, shops, office buildings, beauty centers, sport complexes, etc.


Restauratie van schilderijen - cleaning and restoring of paintings




To maintain the quality and the continuity of the artistic level Randolph Algera, supported by a renowned foreign colleague Evan Wilson from the United States, has set up the "W.A.T.- group". This group consists of international talented artists with several specialisms in the field of restoration, mural paintings (murals) and decorations and trompe-l'oeil. They have joined their strengths to be able to implement larger projects around the whole world. You can find their work from Los Angeles to Oslo, from Tokyo to New York.

In the Netherlands projects of this group were accomplished under supervision of Randolp Algera, such as the restorations of historical interiors of Jugendstil (art nouveau) villa RamsWoerthe, Steenwijk,  the Neo-Gothic Lambertusbasilica in the city of Hengelo (O), the Pancratiuschurch in Geesteren (O), the St.-Joris church in Oosterbierum (Fr), but also many different decorative projects on luxury yachts.
New Design and styles of polychromy and art painting were also done under supervision of and designed by Art-Decor Randolph Algera in the St.-Clemenschurch in Steenwijk (NL) and the M.O.O. church in Zenderen.