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01-04-2024 - Oranjestein Oranjewoud - kleurenonderzoek by Art-Decor
Art-Decor is currently conducting a color study in the Oranjestein country estate in Oranjewoud.

17-02-2024 - Rams Woerthe Jugenstil villa, the Dutch Downton Abbey
A beautiful video about Rams Woerthe, with which Art-Decor Randolph Algera the National Painting Professinal Prize. A fantastic gesammtkunstwerk.

17-02-2024 - Statenzaal Zwolle - film in the occasion of open monument day
A beautifull guided tour through the Statenzaal in Zwolle.

31-08-2023 - Spoken word at Autumn Tasting in Wine&Dine Tjaarda
Randolph Algera does a spoken word preformance during a mini-event, an autumn tasting, in Parkhotel Tjaarda op 17 okt. 15-20 uur.

Harsta State - Hegebeintum
19-07-2023 - Colour research in Harstastate
Execution of a color study by Art-Decor in the Harsta State in Hegebeintum.

Randolph Algera restaurator
10-07-2023 - Randolph Algera in the Friesland Post magazine
Interview with restoror Randolph Algera in the July edition of the Friesland Post.

24-06-2023 - Restoration of paintings
Working on various restorations in the studio.

auto_vol_gezandstraald sierglas.jpg
14-04-2023 - Sandblasted windows
Sandblasted ornamental glass collected from Zeeland.

30-03-2023 - Fireplace in Royal Chamber Statenzaal Zwolle
Art-Decor Randolph Algera retouches the fireplace in the royal chamber of the Statenzaal Zwolle. Before he did the ceiling.
Very beautiful, but labour-intensive work.

29-03-2023 - In Eisma's Piantersmagazine March 2023
An interesting article, written by Broer Feenstra, appeared in the Eisma's Schildersblad, 3 pages about the Statenzaal Zwolle and the work that Randolph Algera is doing with his team.

29-03-2023 - Work in progress Statenzaal Zwolle
Added dozens of m² of decoration work again this week. Started in October 2022, the amount of work is for a year, but we only have 7 months, so the workload is high. It is a beautiful, but extremely labour-intensive project.

06-01-2023 - Floor completed in Wildervank.
Floor completed in a monumental villa in Wildervank.

team Art-Decor bij Statenzaal Zwolle
20-12-2022 - Statenzaal Zwolle
Working on the restoration of the Statenzaal in Zwolle

04-11-2022 - Restoration Memory board Schettens completed
Art-Decor Randolph Algera restores a ten commandments memory board and discovers an underpainting, presumably from the 17th century.

04-11-2022 - Restoration of paintings
mail to info@art-decor.nl to request a quote

28-10-2022 - Epitaph Van Haren family
For restoration examined the epitaph of the Van Haren family in St. Annaparochie. In this church Rembrandt van Rijn married his Saskia.

21-09-2022 - Certificaat Restoration - Filling Materials for easel paintings
In September I followed, together with Gabriëlle Westra, a 3-days workshop by Prof. Laura Fuster Lòpez. Continuing professional development.

30-07-2022 - Proud to have our own flag
Randolph Algera has his own family flag with our own coat of arms.

03-07-2022 - Art-Decor in magazine Ald Fryske Tsjerken - June 2022
In the Magazine are 4 pages about the work of Art-Decor Randolph Algera.

25-06-2022 - Guilding
We guilded the letters in a historical villa.

bezoekers van de lezing en open dag
09-04-2022 - Lecture at the reopening church in Augsbuurt
Randolph Algera gave a lecture at the reopening of the church in Augsbuurt, which has recently been thoroughly restored.

01-04-2022 - Article Clemenskerk Nes - diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden
Every now and then you come across your work in the media.

19-01-2022 - Stiens Notary House
A large report completed for the color research in this property. A serious amount of work.

10-12-2021 - St.-Joseph cathedral Groningen
Activities visualized we do in the cathedral.

30-11-2021 - St.-Joseph cathedral Groningen
Restoration work on the Saint Joseph's Cathedral in Groningen. The name of Art-Decor is clearly stated on a large banner.

08-09-2021 - Art-Decor is working on a very large mourning sign from Augsbuurt
In the Dutch Reformed Church of Augsbuurt( 1782) are very large mourning signs. They are restored/conserved by Art-Decor.

07-09-2021 - Work completed in St. Joseph's Cathedral.
The interior of the cathedral in Groningen has been under scaffolding for a while, but now everything is beautiful again.
Art- Decor has done a great job.

27-08-2021 - 18th century ceiling painting in Amsterdam
Art-Decor is restoring parts of an 18th century ceiling from a canal house in Amsterdam.

09-08-2021 - Activities in St. Joseph's Cathedral
Art-Decor does work in the St. Joseph's Cathedral in Groningen: soot and overpainting

29-05-2021 - History comes alive in a 19th century mansion
The 19th century is brought back to life in an old mansion in the center of Leeuwarden. Art-Decor is restoring three 150-year-old ceilings. Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra also make a large mural of 12 x 3 m. Full of references to the history of the city and the brewery. The Friesch Dagblad writes a full page about this project.

28-05-2021 - Article in the Painters Trade Paper Project Zaailand
A restoration and art project at 94 Zaailand in Leeuwarden is nearing completion. Three ceilings have been preserved, restored and a mural of 12 x 3 m. art on the wall. A painter's mecca, this project is an ideal place for restoration and art.

18-05-2021 - Wall paper from 1870 - reproduction
Under the watchful eye of Art-Decor, the intern reconstructs a piece of wallpaper from 1870. It is part of the restoration of a building in Leeuwarden. Still a lot of details have to be done. A special job.

07-05-2021 - Guilding on a building
Art- Decor has guilded and redone the colours on wall stones on a building in Leeuwarden.

01-05-2021 - Member of the jury of the National Painters Trade Prize
This year Algera is once again a member of the jury of the National Painters Trade Prize.

22-03-2021 - Omrop Fryslan visits restauration Zaailand
Randolph Algera was interviewed by Omrop Fryslan about the restoration of the 150 year old ceilings that were discoverd at the reconstruction of Zaailand 94. A beautiful result.

16-02-2021 - Third ceiling in Zaailand Leeuwarden finished
In de Brouwerij, a grand café and hotel in Leeuwarden, Art-Decor is restoring three ceilings and now the third one, in the Garden Room, is finished.

21-11-2020 - Ceiling painting restored in full glory
Ceiling painting in Grand Café, Hotel In de Brouwerij in Leeuwarden is restored in full glory. An article in Eisma's Painters Magazine.

14-11-2020 - Restorer Algera work in progress
Randolph Algera, restorer is working on the restoring of a painting.

15-10-2020 - Live restoration of paintings
Oct. 17th Randolph Algera is restoring paintings live in Galerie Autrevue.
Bring your own painting and see whether it is possible to restore. Or listen to his vived stories about his profession.

01-08-2020 - Historical ceilings
Three ceilings are to be restored in an historical house in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland.

08-07-2020 - The most beautiful ceiling of the city
Art-Decor is restoring 3 beautiful ceilings in a former house of an attorney general of the Court of Justice in Leeuwarden. It is a municipal monument from 1870.

12-06-2020 - Ceiling restoration in Leeuwarden
Art-Decor has started with the restoration of a beautiful ceiling.
The photo's show how we found the ceiling and the work we did (under construction)

05-06-2020 - End result of the Great Church in Hindeloopen
Colouradvice en colour research in relation to architecture. New colours. Guilding of organ elements, oak imitation doors and balcony. The floor repeats colourwize the ceiling.

10-05-2020 - Rams Woerthe Steenwijk vlog
The endresults of an Artnouveau Artwork, everything is in harmony after restoration and conservation to the original setting from 1900. A masterpiece of work. The photo's and vlog show the details.

20-04-2020 - Wall coat of arms 17th century house in Grou
A coat of arms on the wall of a 17th century house in Grou (Friesland) is restored in original state.

09-03-2020 - Great Church Hindeloopen in the Painterspaper 3/2020
In article in the Painters Paper 3/2020 about the work of restorer/artist Algera. After a thorough research he designed a new colourplan for the church.

13-02-2020 - Article mourning signs in Smelne's Erfskip Magazine
An article of 6 pages in the cultural historical magazine of Smallingerland, by Randolph Algera.
photo's Jaap van der Wal en Randolph Algera.

13-02-2020 - Restauration OF PAINTINGS
RESTAURATION OF PAINTINGS is a skilled labour!yOUR precious and expensive painting is work for a highly skilled craftsman.

29-01-2020 - Great Church in Hindeloopen
A new colourplan for the Great Church in Hindeloopen, with gold plating.

29-01-2020 - Article about restorer R. Algera
At grootheerenveen.nl is an article about restorer Randolph Algera and the interpretation of restoration.

17-11-2019 - Restoration painting - Klaas Koopmans
Art-Decor did the restoration of 2 paintings of Klaas Koopmans incl. framing, for a relation.

12-10-2019 - Fresco Boazum in Leeuwarder Courant
Four pages news in Sneon&Snein of the Leeuwarder Courant. It's about the restoration of a unique fresco in the church of Boazum.

06-10-2019 - Restoration fresco church in Boazum
The restoration of the beardless Christ, the so called Majestas Domini. Algera and Caterina Manisco from Italy examen how to do this the best.

29-06-2019 - Organ Longerhouw restored
The organ of the church in Longerhouw has been restored into the original colours.

Sicco van Goslinga - foto Ronnie Porte
20-06-2019 - DONGJUM ep. 7 Mausoleums in Friesland
Besides mourning signs and epitaphs the Frisian aristocracy had mausoleums as a legacy. They also needed to be restored. For example the mauseoleum of Sicco van Goslinga in Dongjum.

19-06-2019 - Personal coat of arms #proud
My personal coat-of-arms is registered. #proud #knightsofthebrush

12-06-2019 - HYLAARD ep. 6 Epitaph of Van Aylva
One of the most mysterious, antique moarning signs in Fryslân is the epitaph of Hobbe Van Aylva (van Alva) in the John the Baptist Church of Hylaard.

05-06-2019 - Longerhouw - gilding organ
Restoring work at the organ of the church in Longerhouw.

05-06-2019 - GYTSJERK ep. 5 moarning sign soldier
The moarning sign of Frederik Willem van Meyers (1742)has been restored precisely. He was a soldier in the army of the Prince of Orange.

29-05-2019 - OENTSJERK Ep. 4 Impressive large moarning sign
Restoration and conservation is work for an expert, as one can see in Oentsjerk on the very large moarning sign of Hiemstra. Algera is telling about it.

23-05-2019 - ALDTSJERK ep. 3 Moarning signs Omrop Fryslan Hjoed
Mourning signs in Aldtsjerk / Oudkerk, Friesland

16-05-2019 - HEGEBEINTUM - ch.2 Omrop Fryslan Hjoed tv
16th May, the second chapter about the moarning signs, about Hegebeintum, Omrop Fryslan Hjoed.

Restorator Algera and reporter Porte visit the restored moarning boards in Frisian churches.

12-04-2019 - Heritage & Art & Crafts Event at Amersfoort
In the Elleboog church at Amersfoort is the 12th of April 2019 an Event of Heritage, Art & Crafts.

04-04-2019 - LECTURE restoration moarning signs Hegebeintum
Randolph Algera gives a lecture and a guided tour about the restauration of the moarning signs in the church of Hegebeintum.

22-03-2019 - Project Waterland
Randolph Algera gives lessons polychromy to students of the excellent restoration training Cibap in Zwolle.

20-03-2019 - Guest teacher restauration technical skills for managers
Algera is guest teacher restauration technical skills for managers at the mbo-plus school in Drachten.

16-03-2019 - LECTURE restoration moarning signs fam. Haersma
Randolph Algera gave a lecture in the St.-Agathachurch at Oudega about the restauration of the moarningsigns of the family Haersma.

01-02-2019 - 25th anniversary ART-DECOR
February 1st 2019, Art-Decor celebrates its 25th anniversay!

30-01-2019 - Hegebeintum, project moarning boards
A restauration project of approx. 3 months of the moarning boards in the church of Hegebeintum, Friesland. Tv.recording by Omrop Fryslân.

17-05-2017 - Conservation of ceiling painting Nes, after the fire
What remains of the ceiling painting after the fire in 2013 has been preserved with great respect by Art-Decor after the rebuilding and refurbishment of the St. Clemenskerk in Nes, Ameland. - During the reconstruction, the church council decided to redesign the interior completely, but with retaining the remains of the ceiling painting. These have been preserved and incorporated harmoniously into the new design. They provide a connecting element between the old and new situation.

05-05-2016 -

01-04-2016 - Church restorers event
On this 2days event for ecclesiastical affairs Art Decor is present with a stand about restoration of historical interiors a.o.

17-04-2015 - Lecture at the restoration fair in Den Bosch
During the restoration fair in Den Bosch Randolph Algera gives a lecture about the choices to be made while restoring.

10-03-2015 - Restorer Algera in Magazine The Moanne
Randolph Algera tells in this article, half in the Dutch language and half in Frisian, about his work as restorer, about the National Painters Prize he won and about his ambitions.

16-11-2014 -
Art-Decor has been invited to show some work at the antique auction.

02-09-2014 - New website Art-Decor
The new website of Art-Decor is on air!

12-11-2013 - Algera wins the national prize of painting in 2013
Randolph Algera won the National Prize of Painting in 2013 in both the category of restoration and decoration painting as well allover the jury box price!

06-10-2013 - Art-Decor participation in the fair monuments Frederiksoord great success.
1,600 interested visitors passed through the gates of the Heritage Fair North Frederiksoord.

25-10-2011 - Broadcast: Heechwurkers yn Laurentiustsjerke Raerd
Source: Hea, Omrop Fryslan


06-05-2010 - More attention to paintings
Restoration Church Zenderen nears completion
Source: Bornse courant

22-04-2010 - Picture working in the church in Zenderen
Source: Tubantia

25-03-2010 - Paintings in church in Zenderen
Source: Bornse courant
During the walking tour you can see the Monastery Church where Randolph Algera is working on the mural.

13-03-2010 - Church in Zenderen
Source: Eisma's schildersblad

25-02-2010 - Catholic Church Zenderen gets warm interior
Final phase restoration underway
Source: Bornse courant

13-11-2009 - Van Dam organ back into use after restoration
Source: echo.nl

12-04-2008 - Jistrummer church colored terracotta
Open day after restoration and placement of village church organ Reformed Church.
Source: Friesch Dagblad

21-12-2007 - Art Decor at work
Source: KM Magazine

22-10-2003 - Algera restores ceiling in Los Angeles
Source: Stellingwerf