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24-03-2021 - Radio1 NOS interview Zaailand restoration
NOS Radio 1 interviews restorer Randolph Algera about the restoration of the ceilings in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland.

22-03-2021 - Omrop Fryslan visits restauration Zaailand
Randolph Algera was interviewed by Omrop Fryslan about the restoration of the 150 year old ceilings that were discoverd at the reconstruction of Zaailand 94. A beautiful result.

16-02-2021 - Third ceiling in Zaailand Leeuwarden finished
In de Brouwerij, a grand café and hotel in Leeuwarden, Art-Decor is restoring three ceilings and now the third one, in the Garden Room, is finished.

23-11-2020 - Spray, Paint & Masking Challenge
Begin November '20 the finals of the first Spray, Paint & Masking Challenge is held in Hardenberg.

21-11-2020 - Ceiling painting restored in full glory
Ceiling painting in Grand Café, Hotel In de Brouwerij in Leeuwarden is restored in full glory. An article in Eisma's Painters Magazine.

14-11-2020 - Painter/restorer Algera work in progress
Randolph Algera, painter/restorer is working on the restoring of a painting.

03-11-2020 - Ceiling painting in Jan van Loon church Assen
Masterstudents of the Classical Academy designing and painting the ceiling led by teacher murals Randolph Algera.

23-10-2020 - Art-Decor is expanding with Arnoud Design
Art-Decor is expanding with Arnoud Design. For all your 3D drawing and design. Art-Decor is proud of the new collaboration with Arnoud Algera.

23-10-2020 - Utrecht Vegitalian
Art-Decor did decoration work for a vegetarian Italian restaurant in Utrecht, Vegitalian.

15-10-2020 - Live restoration of paintings
Oct. 17th Randolph Algera is restoring paintings live in Galerie Autrevue.
Bring your own painting and see whether it is possible to restore. Or listen to his vived stories about his profession.

03-10-2020 - exhibition Longing for...REIN POL, JAN VAN LOON a.o.
Oct. 3rd - Nov. 28th exhibition 'Longing for... with paintings of Rein Pol, Jan van Loon, Hana Vendlová, Mineke Gravers, Marein Konijn, Gabriëlle Westra, Randolph Algera and sculptures of Heleen Kater. Also live restoring of paintings.


01-08-2020 - Historical ceilings
Three ceilings are to be restored in an historical house in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland.

08-07-2020 - The most beautiful ceiling of the city
Art-Decor is restoring 3 beautiful ceilings in a former house of an attorney general of the Court of Justice in Leeuwarden. It is a municipal monument from 1870.

13-06-2020 - Walk and Eat Arrangement
It's possible again! Walking in the beautiful surroundings of Oranjewoud, visiting ateliers of a sculptor and a painter and have a lunch.

12-06-2020 - Beautiful project under construction
Art-Decor has started with the restoration of a beautiful ceiling.
The photo's show how we found the ceiling and the work we did (under construction)

05-06-2020 - End result of the Great Church in Hindeloopen
Colouradvice en colour research in relation to architecture. New colours. Guilding of organ elements, oak imitation doors and balcony. The floor repeats colourwize the ceiling.

26-05-2020 - Autrevue OPEN again on fri/sat/sun
After Covid-19 the gallery will open again June 5th. New exposition "With heart and soul". Private shopping is also possible. Just give us a call. Sneakpreview see link below

10-05-2020 - Rams Woerthe Steenwijk vlog
The endresults of an Artnouveau Artwork, everything is in harmony after restoration and conservation to the original setting from 1900. A masterpiece of work. The photo's and vlog show the details.

20-04-2020 - Wall coat of arms 17th century house in Grou
A coat of arms on the wall of a 17th century house in Grou (Friesland) is restored in original state.

10-04-2020 - Painters in time of covid 19 - vlog
A vlog about the life of painters during the lockdown due to covid 19. Also a virtual tour through Galerie Autrevue.

09-03-2020 - Great Church Hindeloopen in the Painterspaper 3/2020
In article in the Painters Paper 3/2020 about the work of restorer/artist Algera. After a thorough research he designed a new colourplan for the church.

13-02-2020 - Article mourning signs in Smelne's Erfskip Magazine
An article of 6 pages in the cultural historical magazine of Smallingerland, by Randolph Algera.
photo's Jaap van der Wal en Randolph Algera.

13-02-2020 - Restauration OF PAINTINGS
RESTAURATION OF PAINTINGS is a skilled labour!yOUR precious and expensive painting is work for a highly skilled craftsman.

29-01-2020 - Great Church in Hindeloopen
A new colourplan for the Great Church in Hindeloopen, with gold plating.

29-01-2020 - article about restorer R. Algera
At grootheerenveen.nl is an article about restorer Randolph Algera and the interpretation of restoration.

27-11-2019 - Exhibition Warm Winter till March 2020
2019 December 1st(14-18 h.) opening exhibition Warm Winter in Galerie Autrevue. -

#opening EXHIBITION WARM WINTER 2019 December 1st at 14 h. Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen Galerie Autrevue is in winterly style by installation art. You can experience the paintings reflecting on the theme: the changing climate.

17-11-2019 - Klaas Koopmans - restoration painting and framing
Art-Decor did the restoration of 2 paintings of Klaas Koopmans incl. framing, for a relation.

15-11-2019 - Schildervak.nl tips My modern Muse for voting Rembrandt Leeft
Schildersvak.nl tips to vote for My modern Muse, a painting of Gabriëlle Westra, which is nominated for Rembrandt Leeft.

12-10-2019 - Fresco Boazum in Leeuwarder Courant
Four pages news in Sneon&Snein of the Leeuwarder Courant. It's about the restoration of a unique fresco in the church of Boazum.

06-10-2019 - Restoration fresco church in Boazum
The restoration of the beardless Christ, the so called Majestas Domini. Algera and Caterina Manisco from Italy examen how to do this the best.

29-06-2019 - Organ Longerhouw restored
The organ of the church in Longerhouw has been restored into the original colours.

Sicco van Goslinga - foto Ronnie Porte
20-06-2019 - DONGJUM ep. 7 Mausoleums in Friesland
Besides mourning signs and epitaphs the Frisian aristocracy had mausoleums as a legacy. They also needed to be restored. For example the mauseoleum of Sicco van Goslinga in Dongjum.

19-06-2019 - My personal coat of arms #proud
My personal coat-of-arms is registered. #proud #knightsofthebrush

14th of June 2019 14.00 festive opening of Galerie Autrevue.
Zie www.autrevue.nl for the programme and blog.

12-06-2019 - HYLAARD ep. 6 Epitaph of Van Aylva
One of the most mysterious, antique moarning signs in Fryslân is the epitaph of Hobbe Van Aylva (van Alva) in the John the Baptist Church of Hylaard.

05-06-2019 - Longerhouw - gilding organ
Restoring work at the organ of the church in Longerhouw.

05-06-2019 - GYTSJERK ep. 5 moarning sign soldier
The moarning sign of Frederik Willem van Meyers (1742)has been restored precisely. He was a soldier in the army of the Prince of Orange.

02-06-2019 - Artfair Oranjewoud 1 en 2 June 2019
Art-Decor and artists Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra of AUTREVUE present their wurk at the Art Fair opposite Hotel Tjaarda.

29-05-2019 - OENTSJERK Ep. 4 Impressive large moarning sign
Restoration and conservation is work for an expert, as one can see in Oentsjerk on the very large moarning sign of Hiemstra. Algera is telling about it.

23-05-2019 - ALDTSJERK ep. 3 Moarning signs Omrop Fryslan Hjoed
Mourning signs in Aldtsjerk / Oudkerk, Friesland

16-05-2019 - HEGEBEINTUM - ch.2 Omrop Fryslan Hjoed tv
16th May, the second chapter about the moarning signs, about Hegebeintum, Omrop Fryslan Hjoed.

Restorator Algera and reporter Porte visit the restored moarning boards in Frisian churches.

18-04-2019 - Salon Chamonix, France - DECORATIVE PAINTERS
Annual gathering of the top of the international decorative painters, this time at Chamonix, France. ART-DECOR will be there.

12-04-2019 - Heritage & Art & Crafts Event at Amersfoort
In the Elleboog church at Amersfoort is the 12th of April 2019 an Event of Heritage, Art & Crafts.

07-04-2019 - Mural at UMCGroningen finished
Students of Master1 (Classical Academy) finished ther mural in UMCGroningen in the Blue Patio. Their teacher is Randolph Algera.

04-04-2019 - LECTURE restoration moarning signs Hegebeintum
Randolph Algera gives a lecture about the restauration of the moarning signs in the church of Hegebeintum.

22-03-2019 - Project Waterland, polychromy teaching at the Cibap
Randolph Algera gives lessons polychromy to students of the Cibap Art training college in Zwolle.

19-03-2019 - MURALS teaching at Classic Academy in UMCG
Students of the Master-1 course of the Classic Academy learn to make MURALS in the UMCGroningen, a hospital.

16-03-2019 - LECTURE restoration moarning signs fam. Haersma
Randolph Algera gave a lecture in the St.-Agathachurch at Oudega about the restauration of the moarningsigns of the family Haersma.

01-02-2019 - 25th anniversary ART-DECOR
February 1st 2019, Art-Decor celebrates its 25th anniversay!

30-01-2019 - Hegebeintum, project moarning boards
A restauration project of approx. 3 months of the moarning boards in the church of Hegebeintum, Friesland. Tv.recording by Omrop Fryslân.

01-12-2018 - Book about Clemence church - Ameland
Pr. H. Nota wrote a book about the St.-Clemence Church at Nes - Ameland. Randolph Algera designed the complete new interior.

06-05-2018 - Salon Leeuwarden 2018
3-6th of May 2018 Salon Leeuwarden 2018 was organized by Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra. The top of international decoration painters and restaurators from 20 different countries.

25-11-2017 - St.-Clemenskerk art project "A new tide" completed
The rebuilding of the St.-Clemenschurch is completed. Ameland has not only a new church, but also a great art project.

01-11-2016 - Guided tour Clemenskerk Ameland during November art month
During the Ameland art month, in addition to the paintings in this church of Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra, you can also get a tour of the designer, Randolph Algera, about the decorative part of the interior of this church.

01-04-2016 -

01-04-2016 -

06-11-2015 - Wolsum
The team of Art-Decor restores the damaged church in Wolsum to a masterpiece, imitations and retouching of old paint layers.

10-03-2015 - Restorer Algera in Magazine The Moanne
Randolph Algera tells in this article, half in the Dutch language and half in Frisian, about his work as restorer, about the National Painters Prize he won and about his ambitions.

16-11-2014 -
Art-Decor has been invited to show some work at the antique auction.

02-09-2014 - new website Art-Decor
The new website of Art-Decor is on air!

12-11-2013 - Algera won the national prize of painting in 2013
Randolph Algera won the National Prize of Painting in 2013.

06-10-2013 - Art-Decor participation in the fair monuments Frederiksoord great success.
1,600 interested visitors passed through the gates of the Heritage Fair North Frederiksoord.

15-04-2012 - Art-Decor sponsoring cycling fanatic Jan Nijland
We wish Jan for the coming year a sporty cycling season and see him like once flashed Heereveen! Good luck and turn it on!

25-10-2011 - Broadcast: Heechwurkers yn Laurentiustsjerke Raerd
Source: Hea, Omrop Fryslan


06-05-2010 - More attention to paintings than for priests
Restoration Church Zenderen nears completion
Source: Bonse courant

22-04-2010 - Picture Zenderen
Source: Tubantia

15-04-2010 - Sports and sponsorship news
Art-Decor sponsor of the marathon runner Nieuwkuickse Evelyne de Bruin, who among others took part. The marathon of Paris and Brussels.

15-04-2010 - Art-Decor sponsor football shirts VVO - Oldeholtpade
Team e1 period 2010-2012.

25-03-2010 - Walking on a monastery to Zenderen
Source: Bornse courant

13-03-2010 - Polychromy in church Zenderen
Source: Eisma's schildersblad

25-02-2010 - Catholic Church Zenderen gets warm interior
Final phase restoration underway
Source: Bornse courant

13-11-2009 - Van Dam organ back into use after restoration
Source: echo.nl

12-04-2008 - Jistrummer church colored terracotta
Open day after restoration and placement of village church organ Reformed Church.
Source: Friesch Dagblad

21-12-2007 - Art Decor creates contemporary decorations
Source: KM Magazine