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25th anniversary ART-DECOR

February 1st 2019, Art-Decor celebrates its 25th anniversay!

Art-Decor, the restauration- and art company of Randolph Algera, exists today, the 1st of  February 2019 exactly 25 years. All those time he did his work with great skill and enthousiasm. A lot of beautiful and interesting projects have been completed. He won a lot of nominations and prizes. A highlight in his career u.o. is surely the winning of the Painters Professionals & Craft Prize of 2013 for the restauration and interior decoration of the jugendstile villa RamsWoerthe in Steenwijk. And of course the project of St.-Clemence Church in Nes, atthe isle of Ameland. He was allowed to design the complete interior of the church, from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall, inclusive the design and creation of more than 30 stained glass windows. It's a pity there is no time for a party at this moment, but it surely will come some time.


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