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Project Waterland

Randolph Algera gives lessons polychromy to students of the excellent restoration training Cibap in Zwolle.

Randolph Algera gives lessons polychromy to students of the excellent restauration course at the Cibap Art training college in Zwolle.


A group of fourth-year students from the Cibap excellence trajectory restoration painter recently contributed to the restoration of an 18th century country house, late baroque-rococo style on the Waterland Estate in Velsen-Zuid. They restored paintwork in collaboration with the Art-Decor restoration studio of Randolph Algera from Heerenveen. The restoration was part of the 'Polychromie' teaching module. Polychromy, which literally means multi-colored, was widely used in classical antiquity and the Middle Ages. Because classical antiquity was taken as an example in the Renaissance and Baroque period, most works from these art movements were often repainted. Not the artist himself, but a special craftsman applied the colors, especially on statues and buildings. The students first studied the colors used in the 18th century. They then designed a color plan under the direction of conservator Randolph Algera. After this, the students applied the colorful paintings to the decorative ornaments of walls, ceilings and doors in the country house in two weeks. The students who participated in this project are trained to become an Excellent Restoration Painter. In addition to their regular training, they have been following the excellence trajectory for restoration painter for the past two years. In this way they learn to restore at the highest level.


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