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Article mourning signs in Smelne's Erfskip Magazine

An article of 6 pages in the cultural historical magazine of Smallingerland, by Randolph Algera.
photo's Jaap van der Wal en Randolph Algera.

Randolph Algera reports in the cultural historical magazine Smelne's Erfskip of the restoration of eleven 18th century moarning signs in the Saint Agatha church of Oudega, Friesland (1090). The oldest sign is made in 1707 for Aurelia van Glinstra, married to Arent van Haersma. This coat of arms is an alliance between that of Haersma en that of the Glinstra's.

Art-Decor works with a team of different disciplines. Before making a report of restoration a lot of research has to be done: archive-, stratigraphical-, microscopical- and laboratory research.

Al those researches form the basis for the restauration advice.

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