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Restoration Memory board Schettens completed

Art-Decor Randolph Algera restores a ten commandments memory board and discovers an underpainting, presumably from the 17th century.

For centuries churchgoers in Schettens looked at a memory board with the ten commandments. From now on they also see what is written on the back of the restored sign: the coat of arms of grietman Wilco baron thoe Schwartzenberg and Hohenlansberg and the arms of a pastor and two churchwardens. If you look closely, you will see even more.

A wonderful project has been completed. The restoration of this two-sided board: Moses got his staff back and I discovered an underpainting probably from the 17th century. The memorial board and its underpainting are both left visible. X-rays showing this, have been translated into a drawing of the underpainting. The weapons are half visible. Scissors, a few clovers and a comet. The big question now is which families are depicted here. More research work is required. But for now a beautifully restored sign.

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